ISL President

Dear Lymphologists, Dear Friends

Lymphatic system is getting more well-deserved attention in the recent years. The number of publications on lymphatic system and its disorders is constantly growing. The number of publications listed in PubMed on “lymphatics” almost doubled since 1990 and tripled on “lymphedema”.  

Our knowledge on lymphatic system and its role in pathophysiology of human diseases is continuously expanding. Disorders of lymphatic system are not limited to lymphedema - the disease affecting more than 300 million persons worldwide.  Lymphatic system is involved in pathophysiology of neoplastic and cardiovascular disorders and, what could be surprising, diseases of central nervous system including Alzheimer and Parkinson’s diseases. 

Our society, the International Society of Lymphology, for over 50 years gathers scientists, physicians, surgeons, therapists and all devoted to studies of lymphatic system and treatment of lymphatic disorders.

The 28th Congress of the International Society of Lymphology will take place in the beautiful, historic city of Athens in Greece. Again, we will be able to meet our friends and colleagues, exchange our experience in lymphology and learn from each other as well as from world renown experts. 

Dr. Evangelos Dimakakos, and the Organizing Committee, have prepared an interesting and a high-quality program covering a broad range of topics from basic sciences to clinical practice, from molecular biology to advanced compression therapies. In this way the Congress will facilitate translation of the basic science discoveries to clinical practice, from the bench to the bed side.

Let’s meet again in Athens in 2021!

Prof. Andrzej SZUBA MD, PhD

President of the International Society of Lymphology (ISL)

Department of Angiology, Hypertension and Diabetology

Wrocław University of Medicine, Wrocław, Poland