Theodoros Troupis

Theodoros Troupis

MD, PhD, Surgeon, Professor, Head and Director of the Department of Anatomy School of Medicine, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

As a Surgeon Prof. Troupis exercises surgery, minimal invasive and laparoscopic, endocrine surgery, breast, surgical oncology, according to the law, in parallel to his academic work, in the private sector in many Private Hospitals in Athens. His professional presentation accounts for more than 20 years.

Prof. Troupis is Invited Speaker/ Instructor for numerous scientific meeting Research Programs/ Laboratory Programs. He has written Books and participated in many Books Chapters in the fields of Anatomy and Surgical Anatomy.

His research work is reflected hundreds SCI/pubmed Publications in many prestigious journals with high impact factor and received thousand citations in the fields of Anatomy, Surgical Anatomy, Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Minimal Invasive and Surgical Techniques, Biology and Basic Sciences and many others. He is also Reviewer in such distinguished journals.

Finally, Prof. Troupis holds in his academic career many Awards and Honors.