Sandro Michelini

Sandro Michelini

Michelini Sandro, medical Doctor, born in Rome on 27/07/1955

Chief of Diagnostic and Vascular Rehabilitative Unit S. Giuseppe Hospital Marino - Rome

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery in ‘La Sapienza’ University – Rome Italy

General Surgery specialization in ‘La Sapienza’ Universiti – Rome Italy

Course of Health management in Bocconi University – Milan – Italy

Chairman and Speaker in more scientific session of national and international Congresses, above all on vascular diseases and Lymphology

Contributor for ISL Consensus Document

Contributor for Guidelines on Lymphoedema of UIP and IUA

Contributor for Guidelines on Lymphoedema of Italian College of Phlebology

Past Presidente of European Society of Lymphology

Past President of International Society of Lymphology

Present President of Italian Lymphoedema Framework

Present member of Executive Committe of ISL and ESL

Author of more than 200 scientific paper (above all on vascular pathologies and Lymphology)

Author of 2 scientific Books: Manuale teorico-pratico di Riabilitazione Vascolare and Phlebolymphology: from diagnosis to the Therapy.

Teacher in over 40 theoretical and practical training courses of Vascular rehabilitation