Neil Piller

Neil Piller

Professor Neil Brenton Piller, BSc(hons), PhD, FACP. Neil is a Lymphologist. He was Vice-Chair and Board Member of the International Lymphoedema Framework until 2019, the International Society for Lymphology and the Australian College of Phebology until 2020. He is an advisory committee member of ENCORE and a board member of the SA Health Compression Garment Scheme and a member of the Australasian Lymphoedema Association Research Committee.

Neil is Clinical Sciences Editor (Journal of Lymphoedema), Australasian Editor (Lymphatic Research/Biology) and an Editorial Board member of Lymphology. He is Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer. He supervises PhD/MD students.

Neil is patron of the National Australian Lipoedema Support Group and the South Australian Lymphoedema Support group.

Neil was Scientific Committee Chair for the 2019 ILF Chicago meeting and the Scientific Committee Chair of the first Virtual Australasian Lymphology Association Conference in 2020.

Neil was closing session keynote speaker at the 2020 US National Lymphoedema Network Virtual meeting.

Neil and team members have a wide range of interests including determining the accuracy of applied pressure profiles during lower leg bandaging using a fibre-optic sensing tape and examining the effect of vibration on normal and lymphoedematous legs. His most recent editorials have dealt with the relationship between diet, the microbiome, gut health, lymphatics, the brain and MLD, and about Pressure: Are we getting it right? as well as What about us- the Patient Perspective in the Journal of Lymphoedema in 2020.

Neil is committed to improving the outcomes for lymphoedema patients by ensuring treatment strategies are targeted/sequenced. Most important are the strategies to improve outcomes by helping clinicians deliver what is optimal and which meet patient functional and personal needs with a holistic multi-disciplinary approach.