Mauro Andrade

Mauro Andrade

Graduated in Medicine in 1984 (University of São Paulo, Brazil) and awarded the prix “Edmundo Vasconcellos” as the as the year´s best student in Surgery.

Vascular surgeon specialty concluded in 1988, designated Chief-resident of the Vascular Surgery Department in 1989. Fellowship in Vascular Surgery in France (La Rochelle and Angers) during the years 1990-1991.

Obtained the PhD in 1998 with the thesis “Lymphatic function in patients with deep acute unilateral venous thrombosis”, which was awarded the prix “Mario Degni” as the best monography in Vascular Surgery by the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery in 1999.

President of the International Society of Lymphology (2005-2007) and President of the Brazilian Society of Lymphology (2004). Secretary-General of the XV (1995) and President of the XX (2005) International Congress of Lymphology, both held in Brazil.

Tenure as Professor of Surgery at the University of São Paulo Medical School since 2007. In 2016, the University granted the position of Associate Professor of Surgery and presented the thesis “Experimental model of Lymphedema: Lymphangiogenesis, Adipogenesis and Inflammation”.