Isabelle Quere

Isabelle Quere

Isabelle Quéré is a vascular medicine physician and Professor of Vascular Medicine at Montpellier University, Montpellier, France. She is a founding member of the French Society of Vascular Medicine (SFMV), a member of the executive boards of the ILF and ESVM, and a member of the ISL, ICC, and ISSVA society and groups. Her medical background is in internal medicine prior to her qualification in vascular medicine. She has been running the Vascular Medicine Department of the Montpellier University Hospital since 2003 and the national Lymphoedema framework “Partenariat Français du Lymphoedème” in France since 2012.


The Vascular Medicine Department of the Montpellier University Hospital is a national referral centre for rare lymphatic and vascular anomalies within the FAVA-Multi network and a LERN Comprehensive Centre for Primary Lymphoedema. Active areas of research are conducted in collaboration with colleagues from 12 countries under the umbrella of the ILF for the LIMPRINT Program and psychosocial research for children with Lymphoedema. Characterization of the natural history of the various genetic lymphatic anomalies and the development of new personalized therapeutic approaches are conducted in collaboration with the Lymphoedema Research Group in the laboratory of Pr Miikka Vikkula and the laboratory of Pr Laurence Boon at the Centre for Vascular and Lymphatic Anomalies, both located at the Université Catholique de Louvain.



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National Diploma of Lymphology, 2003, University of Montpellier: 75 hours e-learning teaching and 5 days of training in hospital.