Ioannis Marmaras

Ioannis Marmaras

Marmaras Ioannis is a Physiotherapist, a graduate of the Department of Physiotherapy of the Alexandreio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEI Thessaloniki).

He specializes in "Organization and Health Administration" with a master's degree from the Open University of Cyprus.

He works as a physiotherapist in "Thriassio" Eleusina General Hospital and he is the Deputy Head of Paramedical Staff and Physiotherapist in “Thriassio”.

He has previously worked as a Physiotherapist at the Children's Clinic for Chronic Diseases in Athens - Ministry of Health.

He has worked as External Associates of TEI Thessaloniki from 2015 until today at Center of Vocational Education and Lifelong Learning and at Postgraduate level, in "Pediatric Physiotherapy" where he teaches the course  "Occupational Health and Safety of Physiotherapists".  

He has a constant presence in Scientific Conferences, either as a Speaker or as a member of the Organizing-Scientific Committee. 

He has served in various posts to this day of the Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists (PPTA) and today is the second Vice President  and Head of the Scientific Departments of  the Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists.  

Publishes in Greek and Foreign language Scientific Journals. His clinical, research and educational practice is related to the Organization and Management of Health, the Occupational Health and Safety of Physiotherapists and with the Special Education and Training and independent living for Children and Young People with Special Needs.