Ioannis Karaitianos

Ioannis Karaitianos

Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Athens, Former Assoc. Professor of Surgery, Saint Antoine University of Paris, Chairman of Surgical Department, Henry Dunant Hospital Center, Athens, Former Chairman of Surgical Oncology Department, Anticancer Hospital "St. Savvas", Athens, GREECE

  • President of: Hellenic Society of Surgical Oncology, Hellenic Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Society of Medical Studies
  • Editor of the Scientific Medical Journals “IATRIKI” and “Hellenic Surgical Oncology”
  • Former President of the European Society of Coloproctology, of the European Coloproctology Council and of the Balkan Medical Society
  • General Secretary of Greek Society of Lymphology
  • Member of more than 50 Scientific Hellenic and International Medical Societies

Post-graduate training: University Surgical Clinics of Geneva, Birmingham, London, Amsterdam and Paris, as well as in the Anticancer Institute P. et M. Curie of Paris



  • Chairman or Member of Organizing Committees in over 100 Greek and International conferences
  • 60 international publications, 140 free papers in international conferences, 65 lectures, speeches and presentations at international conferences and more than 170 lectures, speeches and presentations at Greek conferences
  • Participation in more than 240 free papers in Greek conferences and congresses.
  • Supervisor of 13 doctoral PhD



  • Founding Member of All.Can European Campaign (Hellenic Chapter)
  • Member of Hellenic Central Health Council (Section of Oncology)



Medals of:

French Medical Academy, Balkan Medical Union, Egyptian Society of Surgeons, 500th anniversary of the University of Istanbul, «6th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Group of Colon & Rectal Surgeons» & «1st Annual Conference of the Egyptian Group of Surgical Oncology»

Awarded by:

Athens Medical Association, 9th Biennial Congress of the European Coloproctology Council, Hellenic Writers Association

Biographed in "Who is Who" in the World since 2012