Grigoris Gerotziafas

Grigoris Gerotziafas

Grigoris Gerotziafas is Co-director of the research group “Cancer, Biology and Therapeutics” and leads the research team “Cancer-Haemostasis-Angiogenesis” INSERM UMRS-938. In his clinical activity he leads the Clinical Haemostasis Group at Tenon-Saint Antoine Hospital AP-HP.6 and is Associate Professor of Hematology at the Faculty de Medicine, Sorbonne University in Paris.

Prof Gerotziafas leads the post-graduated Master programme “Thrombosis and Haemostasis in Haematology” at the Faculty de Medicine, Sorbonne University in Paris. He animates an international group of experts which developed the COMPASS-CAT score for the risk evaluation of cancer associated thrombosis in ambulatory patients, the COMPASS-COVID-19 score for the evaluation of the risk of disease worsening in patients with COVID-19 and the COMPASS-COVID-19-ICU score for the risk of intubation of patients with severe COVID-19.

He leads the ROADMAP-Thrombosis project which investigates for clinically relevant biomarkers of cellular hypercoagulability in patients with solid cancers, haematological malignancies, COVID-19. And vascular complications of pregnancy and infertility.

On behalf of the Borad of the VAS European Foundation on Angiology and Vascular Medicine, Pr Gerotziafas leads the International Project for Guidance on the management of vascular patients with COVID-19 . He also leads the International Group for Integrated and Equitable Strategy Against COVID-19 Pandemic.

Professor Gerotziafas is Visiting Professor in Loyola Faculty of Medicine (Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics), Chicago and at the School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell (Department of Medicine , Anticoagulation and Clinical Thrombosis Services) New York USA and the Faculty of Medicine at the European University of Cyprus.

Professor Gerotziafas has published extensively in peer-reviewed international journals and has authored several book chapters. He sits on the review boards of several international journals and is member of several professional societies.