Alexandre Pissas

Alexandre Pissas

MD, Phd, Surgeon, Visceral and Oncologic Surgery

Chief of department of digestive surgery Hospital center of Bagnols sur Cèze

Associated professor of anatomy Faculty of medicine of Montpellier

Thesis of medicine and thesis of science on lymphatic system

Chief of unite of treatment of edema

Scientific activity 220 publications: 62 anatomy, 98 lymphology, 60 surgery

Founder secretary of European society of lymphology 1979

President of European Society of lymphology 1987 - 2001

President of ISL international society of lymphology 2001-2003

Treasurer ISL till 2005, Member of Executive Committee or Nominating Committee of ISL

Civic activity: Major till 2001, President of region GARD; President of nuclear committee of information, President of fire-men of GARD