Alberto Maccio

Alberto Maccio

Alberto Macciò, MD

General Surgery, Lymphology and Microsurgery - University of Genoa

President of LymphoLAB 

Vice -President Italian College of PhleboLymphology

Fellow of the Italian Academy of Medical Art History

Past President of Compression Therapy study Group (Scientific Director of 

Member of the International and European Society of Lymphology (ISL - ESL)

He is the author of many International and National papers.

Faculty Member, Speaker and Chairmen in over 100 National and International Congresses and Courses about PhleboLymphology 

He was President of the 8th International Seminar “Robert Stemmer”  The Compression Therapy of PlheboLymphology - Savona-Barcelona-Marseille 2017 and he has also organized several National Congresses and Courses in PhleboLymphology